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1911 census. The 1911 census will be the next census to be released. The 1911 census was the first set of census records to be filled in by hand by the public, meaning you can see the handwriting of your ancestor in the actual census records. However the high levels of illiteracy still prevalent in 1911 means documents may be hard to decipher.

You can search the 1911 census for your ancestor and discover the people they were living with when the census was conducted in 1911. 1911 is an important date as it’s the last set of records to show families before WWI. The next census after 1911 is the 1921 census, but unlike the 1911 census it will remain closed to the public for 100 years after the census was taken. As the 1911 census will not be available until 2009, why not discover your ancestor now in the 1901 census on our official 1901 census site.

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"I found out from the 1901 census that my ancestor used to be a steam engine whistle tester!" Austin, Pembrokeshire

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